Winter is coming.. And we have the perfect cosy products to help you get through these cold months. Our new woolen beauties were made by Bogda Rukotvorine, a small upcoming company in Visoko (Bosnia and Herzegovina) that specializes in handmade, woolen products. Behind this company stands a young, ambitious founder that combines the traditional handicraft that she learned from her mother with cool and modern designs.

Feel good and guilt free

Bogda Rukotvorine only works with natural products. The pieces in our shop are all made from 100% wool from Bosnian sheep. After careful selection of only the best pieces, the wool gets washed, combed and coloured – all manually and without using any chemicals. Each piece is carefully hand woven, paying attention to every little detail. For example, this handmade rug takes up to 16 hours of manual weaving to turn it into the final beauty you can find in our shop. Since only the highest quality wool makes the cut, with the proper care these pieces can last you a lifetime. You can shop these products completely guilt-free. Bosnia and Herzegovina has a lot of sheep, and just like us, sheep also need to get a haircut from time to time. Each year, tons of Bosnian wool is being thrown away as less companies use wool to make their products. With these pieces we put that wool to good use and don’t waste what mother nature has given us.

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